John and Kara on the Minneapoline

John Sand

Ever since Tyler stopped contributing to The Minneapoline, it’s gone way down hill. Way back when, it was at least an interesting site, with well-thought outfits.

Lately, there is far too much focus on the mismatched, the bright green tights with an ill-fitting, pilling thrift store sweater. Too many tam bracelets and fake glasses. Is that fashion? Not particularly that’s pulling clothes off the floor. Purple tights and greenish plaid leg warmers and brown flats? We can’t get into it.

Most times, it just feels like the new contributors just head on over to Too Much Love and photograph everyone wearing plaid and something from American Apparel. Not that we’re ragging on the hipster crowd. Every now and then, an outfit makes us smile, but we’d like to see more structure. There is so much fashion going unnoticed simply because it doesn’t fit the current paradigm that is the Minneapoline.