Charges filed in fraternity attacks

by Mike Wereschagin

Two assailants attacked five University students at the pharmacy fraternity Sept. 9, resulting in a serious injury for one victim.
Hun Sack Sim, 23, and a 17-year-old male were charged with the attacks. The 17-year-old was not identified on the criminal complaint because he is a juvenile.
Two victims were treated at Fairview-University Medical Center.
Jon Schraut, a second-year professional student in the pharmacy program, was treated for head injuries at United Medical Center in St. Paul.
Schraut underwent surgery Thursday when doctors screwed a plastic plate under his eye to replace the bone shattered in the assault.
The injury was caused by the 17-year-old, Schraut said.
The attack occurred between 10 and 15 minutes after Sim and the juvenile were forced to leave the party, Schraut said.
“They weren’t invited, so we didn’t serve them,” he said. “Soon after that, they were asked to leave because of some sort of trouble.”
When the two refused to leave the party, they were “forcibly removed,” Schraut said.
Moments later, the assailants returned to the party, attacking Schraut and three others.
“I was blindsided along with the others,” Schraut said. “I only saw (the juvenile), the one who hit me, but I can absolutely identify him.”
The use of weapons has not been confirmed, but Schraut and others have admitted the possibility.
“I was only hit once. Some of my friends have told me they can’t imagine this much damage being done with one punch,” Schraut said of his broken bone.
Both suspects were charged with third- and fifth-degree assault.
The juvenile was also charged with falsely identifying himself and possession of fake identification.

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