Dr. Date 5/6/2015

by Dr. Date

Dr. Date,
I have tickets to fly to Las Vegas this weekend, but I don’t know what to do with them. My boyfriend and I got them a few weeks ago, but we’ve been on the rocks, and I see us breaking up in the next few days. 
I bought them — without trip insurance — and I can’t just forfeit the money. Our plans are to stay in an all-inclusive hotel on the strip for a week to celebrate our graduation, but I honestly don’t even want to be in the same room as him right now.
I’m pretty pissed off. We started fighting about a month ago when I found out he lied about his tobacco use. I hate when he chews, but I guess he’s been doing it behind my back for a while. I wouldn’t necessarily be as mad if the issue was simply about him chewing, but the fact that he lied to me really hurt.
And the arguing eventually led to more intense issues, and now we’re at this point — barely talking and basically broken up. We discussed the trip once, even though both of us know it’s coming, and I don’t know what to do. 
—Make Up Or Break Up?
Tough It Up Or Sell,
You could try to find someone to buy the trip, or you may need to try your best to get along. On such short notice, the former option may be really challenging. So if you don’t want to lose money, you’re going to have to suck it up and take the trip with him.
The ideal scenario would be acknowledging that things are rocky but agreeing to put that aside for one last week of fun. 
If you notice a fight starting while you’re away, try to dismiss it for the moment and wait until you’re back home to talk seriously. Think of it as a vacation for yourself — not for the two of you. And he should try to think the same.
Overall, it sounds like the problems you’re facing with trust and differing health values could lead to a breakup. But one more week of bearing with it might be worth it — just so you don’t lose money. 
And what better place to forget about things for a moment than Las Vegas?
—Dr. Date
Dr. Date,
I met this cute Brazilian guy last weekend, and we totally hit it off. We made out all night. He was such a good kisser and super passionate. Before the night ended, we exchanged numbers, but I haven’t heard from him since. What do I do?
—Missin’ Prince Charming
Not Midnight Yet,
In the grand scheme of things, one week without hearing back from a crush really isn’t that long to wait. 
There are so many things that may have happened. He could have lost your number, gotten sick or been consumed with finals. Or maybe he decided that he’s not interested in you.
Either way, dwelling on it will drive you crazy. Try to distract yourself by keeping busy with other things. That way, if he does happen to call, it’s a welcomed surprise and not an overly anticipated expectation. 
—Dr. Date
Dr. Date,
I started working at a bakery about a week ago, and from the moment I started, I noticed that my co-worker and I have really strong chemistry. We’re really flirty, and it seems like both of us want to take our hangouts outside of our work schedules.
But I don’t know how to go about asking her out. I honestly don’t even know if she’s single or not, and if I don’t do this right, I could make things really awkward at work. Asking her in-person on the job, doesn’t seem OK, and texting seems a bit weird, too. So I guess I’m seeking your advice on how to go about bringing the discussion up.
Find Some Friends,
Ask her out for a group hangout. You could invite coworkers out for a meal or go to a concert with some friends. By bringing along more people, she’ll feel less singled out. The pressure won’t be as intense.
But if you still want to ask her out on a date alone, you should consider the activities that she enjoys. Try to find something that you both like to do. 
—Dr. Date