U will evaluate Wisconsin reciprocity after state report

by Angela Delmedico

The University will review a report issued Wednesday that recommends changing its reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin, an official said.

University Vice Provost Craig Swan said the reciprocity issue is bigger than the University, but it will consider the Minnesota legislative auditor’s report.

According to the report, students from Wisconsin who attended the University last year paid $1,174 less in tuition – 28 percent – than Minnesota residents.

“I don’t think that’s right. If this is your hometown, you should be paying less than the people that move away to go to college,” said first-year student Asjley Johnson.

Heather Naylor, a nursing senior who lives in Wisconsin, said she thinks it is only fair that the tuition rates be equal.

Computer engineering sophomore Jordan Hartmann said the University should not use price to attract students from out of state.

“I can see that they want to attract students from out of state, but maybe the ‘U’ should attract people based on its merits – then they’d be willing to pay more,” Hartmann said.

Although the reciprocity program between Minnesota and Wisconsin started in 1968, this is the first study addressing Minnesota’s interstate tuition reciprocity program. The study addressed the state’s role and the consistency of tuition-rate policies among participants.

Report recommendations include consistent review of the reciprocity program, said Joel Alter, project manager for the study.

Alter said the program should be reviewed every five years to make necessary improvements and changes.