Les Bolstad Golf Course renovation planned at reduced cost

Simon Benarroch

Things are looking up for the University of Minnesota's Les Bolstad Golf Course. According to a memo University President Eric Kaler sent to various finance and athletics officers Thursday, the much needed renovations are likely to happen.

The court, established in 1929, has fallen into disrepair according to a report from the Star Tribune, which noted how low earnings in past years have delayed much-needed maintenence. 

"Clearly the status quo was unsustainable," Kaler said in the memo, referring to the condition of the course and clubhouse. While he said he feels the course is a valuable piece of the University's history, $20 million is an unlikely renovating budget. 

Instead, he is charging a task force, to be chaired by CFANS Dean Al Levine, with coming up with a new proposal that would cost "no more than $7.5 million." 

Among the other provisos are requirments that a strong academic research plan be developed for the course, that the course be "tolerant of extreme weather conditions," and that the clubhouse meet the needs of staff. 

The proposal's deadline is December 1, 2012. 

Jerry Rinehart, the vice provost for student affairs and one of the memo's recipients, sent an email addressed to MSA and GAPSA leaders ensuring there would be "appropriate student input into the process."

David Okita, the U's golf club president said in an email sent out to members, "Les [Bolstad] has been saved!"

"The time line for all of this is yet to be determined but the good news is our golf course will be around for along time to come!"