U police file reports on Dinkytown riot crimes

by Rocky Thompson

University police filed reports on more than 40 crimes Saturday night, almost all from the post-game crowd that gathered in Dinkytown.

Minneapolis police made 11 arrests during the riot, and both departments hope to identify more rioters through media and private photography and video.

University police responded to nine arson calls and 12 reports of damage to property.

The Minneapolis Fire Department also extinguished fires in dumpsters, trash cans, shrubs, wooden pallets and five vehicles torched during the riot.

Arthur Kistler, maintenance and operations supervisor for Parking and Transportation Services, contacted University police after he surveyed the grounds following the riots, according to a police report.

He told officers he found a traffic barricade that had been thrown through a parking attendant booth and damage to other booths people had lit on fire or kicked, according to a police report.

Unknown thieves also stole the letter “I” from a University sign at the McNamara alumni center.

University police cited five people for public consumption of alcohol and nine others for underage drinking throughout Saturday.

The alcohol was either destroyed or inventoried at the University Police Department.

One individual was arrested after officers found him on campus drinking a can of Busch Light.

The 43-year-old said he was coming from a fraternity party and couldn’t find south Minneapolis, according to the police report.

Police gave him a ticket for consumption in public and a ride to Washington Avenue South and Interstate 35W at his request.

In other police news

On Saturday, University police arrested a man on charges of lurking with intent to commit a crime, according to the police report.

Officers stopped the 30-year-old near the Smith Hall bike racks. He was carrying a screwdriver and a 14-inch bolt cutter, both tools that could be used to steal bicycles.


Five individuals, including three students, were apprehended by University police Wednesday evening driving a golf cart near Peik Gymnasium.

Police stopped the group of five 18- and 19-year-olds after a person saw them driving on campus and called police, according to the report.

The cart’s driver could not prove ownership at the time, so officers inventoried the golf cart at the University police property garage pending proof of ownership.


University police observed one man pushing another in a wheelbarrow near the Civil Engineering Building late Friday night.

Both individuals are University students and admitted the wheelbarrow was taken from the north exit of the Washington Avenue parking ramp, according to the police report.

Police cited one of them for theft under $250 and released both at the scene.

The wheelbarrow was inventoried at the University Police Department.

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