Van Handels sue Library Bar for over-serving Dinkytown hit-and-run driver

The family of Ben Van Handel wants damages from the bar for its role in serving alcohol to Timothy Bakdash the night of the crash.

Jade Lomeli


The family of Ben Van Handel, who Timothy Bakdash was convicted of murdering, is suing the Library Bar, which served Bakdash the night of the hit-and-run.

Bakdash is now in prison for his 40-year sentence. In March, a jury found him guilty of intentionally hitting and killing Van Handel in Dinkytown.

In their June suit, the Van Handels allege the Library Bar served Bakdash when he was “obviously” intoxicated. They cite a Minnesota law that they say makes the bar liable for serving Bakdash before the crash.

They seek an excess of $50,000 for damages through Hennepin County District Court.

The Library Bar quickly responded to the suit, denying the Van Handels’ claims against it. It said in an official response that the crash was caused by “intervening and superseding causes” and by a third party — Bakdash — over whom the business has no control.

Sarah Bagley, who was injured in the crash, also sued the Library Bar and Bakdash last year. Those suits were combined and are headed for a December trial at Hennepin County District Court, said her lawyer, Peter Riley.