MSA sets aside $5k for DC trip

by Cali Owings

The Minnesota Student Association allotted $5,000 to travel and accommodations for students lobbying at the federal level this spring. Legislative Certificate Program Director Chris Tastad and Legislative Affairs Committee Director Nick Saab will travel to Washington DC in April for “Big Ten on the Hill Day.” Three other students from MSA and the LCP will also join 55 representatives from Big Ten schools. MSA will also pay the cost of flights for two undergraduate students who will lobby with representatives from the Graduate and Professional Student Association during the Student Advocates for Graduate Education Coalition’s lobbying event in March. Saab said he estimated $5,000 would be more than necessary for the trip and any leftover money would be returned to MSA. They will be advocating for more federal research grants, access to published federal research and more federal financial aid programs that benefit students at not-for-profit institutions