U to stay open during shutdown

by Evelina Smirnitskaya

The University of Minnesota, including its medical and dental clinics, will remain open in an event of government shutdown July 1, University News Services announced today.

Every month the University receives an allotted amount of funding from the state. Should state legislators not figure out a state budget by June 30, leading to a shutdown, the school would not receive any money until state operations resumed.

University officials have been preparing for the possibility. Chief Financial Officer Richard Pfutzenreuter said in a press release that the University is ready to “weather a short-term disruption” in state funding.

Prior to the official announcement, Pfutzenreuter and other University officials had indicated the school’s doors would stay open despite any impacts the temporary loss of state money could cause.

During the shutdown all academic activities and student services will go on as normal, and buildings and offices will remain open during business hours.