The Fashionista is in: Let’s hear it for the blogs

The Fashionista helps you sift through the online fashion fluff.

Sally Hedberg

Last weekâÄôs plug about the Sartorialist sparked some thinking about fashion blogs. Naturally, there are  excessive amounts of them floating around the net. But theyâÄôre not all worth your precious web time.

I mean, if you paid mind to every Comcast-subscribing dreamer with a photographer friend and a knack to live outside of their means, well, you wouldnâÄôt have much time for anything else.

In an era of content overload, it can be difficult to sift through the fluff. No worries, IâÄôm happy to do it for you. In the name of fashion (and in-class distraction) here are my fashion blog endorsements.


New York MagazineâÄôs The Cut

LetâÄôs start with the most straightforward option. New York Magazine is a venerable news source. New York City is a fashion capital. When you combine newsroom standards of work-ethic with the hyper-dramatic happenings within the fashion community, the results are beyond entertaining.

The Cut is standout because in addition to covering, tweeting and photographing most major NYC fashion events, itâÄôs also able to poke fun at itself and the (at times) ridiculousness of the fashion world. Because yes, we really would like to discuss whether Pippa Middleton or Sienna Miller wore that color better.


Tavi Gevinson was merely a tween when she launched an online fashion site that documented her own inventive style.

Yeah, I know, I said that theme was tiresome, but it was different coming from such a young mind and also because the fashion community responded. They loved her. They seated her at fashion week. And now that she has credibility (and a learnerâÄôs permit), her blog has more to offer in the realm of fashion journalism. Spoiler: an interview with Elle Fanning. This girlâÄôs going places.



Style by Kling

Fashionista bias: I have an obsession with Scandinavia. WeâÄôll call it a product of my Swedish heritage. This includes Elin Kling (Sweden). The Rupert Murdoch of the fashion blogosphere, Kling has created a media empire for different blogs to operate.

Her own nationally acclaimed effort, Style by Kling, offers the chance to live vicariously through someone fabulous. The parties, the dresses, the behind-the-scenes photo shoots, the Prada shoes: theyâÄôre all there, and theyâÄôre all stunning on our flaxen-haired fashion it-girl.


Fashion Etc.

So this is more of a website than a blog, but itâÄôs too thorough and informative to not include. ItâÄôs a total bombardment of information regarding everything fashion/beauty/style. This website has photo recaps from basically every important runway show, news, features, multimedia, etc.

But its edge comes not from the quantity of content but the quality. Fashion Etc. provides intelligent fashion commentary, often founded upon real research. What you read is what you get, and in an industry of crazy opinions, objectivity is refreshing.


In Minneapolis

DonâÄôt worry, I havenâÄôt forgotten about Minneapolis. We have a proliferation of fashion blogs too, and theyâÄôre not half bad.


Three of my favs:


Art of Wore

This blog is the thoughtful project of Metro Magazine senior style editor, Mary OâÄôRegan. It focuses on street style, industry expertise and unique trends.



This oneâÄôs for the dudes, and itâÄôs a good thing too because they simply donâÄôt get enough attention locally. This blog, started by photographer Corey Tenold gives a comprehensive look at menâÄôs fashion from someone who knows it impeccably.


Dirty Hair Halo

Shannon Licari is a role model to those striving to project fashion-forward style within a reasonable budget. She always looks amazing so stalk her blog and get inspired.