Panel grants new hearing to expelled student

David Molohon will have his day in the University’s court.
Molohon, a second-year occupational therapy student, received the President’s Student Behavior Review Panel’s decision late Thursday afternoon.
The panel, the University’s highest appellate court, decided Molohon was not given a fair hearing by the Student Progress Committee of the Program in Occupational Therapy.
The review panel will hold a full hearing March 23 at 2:15 p.m. in the Law School.
Molohon was expelled Jan. 12 for academic dishonesty because of lack of citation in a paper.
He appealed the progress committee’s decision on the grounds that he was not given a fair chance to present evidence or witnesses in his defense.
The review panel will hold a full appellate hearing Thursday, and Molohon will, for the first time, be allowed a chance to fully defend himself against expulsion.

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