Investigators meet with Gangelhoff, discuss documents

Jan Gangelhoff met with investigators Thursday at her attorney’s Chanhassen office to discuss her role in the academic fraud scandal. Her testimony was taken under oath.
Gangelhoff was a tutor who alleges she wrote more than 400 papers for the men’s basketball team between 1993 and 1998.
Jim Lord, Gangelhoff’s attorney, said Thursday that Gangelhoff’s disks contain many more pertinent documents than previously anticipated. The disks contain as many as 2,000 documents, Lord said, but that number also includes Gangelhoff’s personal documents.
Talks between Gangelhoff and investigators are anticipated to continue through the weekend.
In a related matter, Judy Schermer, the attorney representing Richard Marsden, an academic counselor suing the University for discrimination, filed an affidavit in Hennepin County District Court Wednesday, alleging the University was trying to keep information from Marsden.
Schermer had requested copies of depositions from academic counselor Alonzo Newby, head coach Clem Haskins, athletic director Mark Dienhart and Vice President McKinley Boston. The University’s general counsel denied the request, stating the information had no bearing on Marsden’s case.
Mark Rotenberg, the University’s general counsel, was not available for comment.
Marsden filed suit against the University in November claiming the academic counseling office was a homophobic environment, in which his doctors advised him not to work.
Schermer claims the University is using the recent basketball scandal as a way to delay Marsden’s case.
According to published reports, part of the affidavit outlines Marsden’s allegations that University officials wanted to keep gay students’ sexual orientation under wraps, so that “the University would not become a place which attracted gay athletes.”
— Nicole Vulcan