Editorial: Don’t face midterms alone

The University of Minnesota offers extensive help in managing stress, schoolwork and more to keep you moving through midterms.

Daily Editorial Board

As midterm season rapidly approaches, it’s important to efficiently and effectively prepare for exams and practice self-care. Tackling midterms is easier with the right support, and this is your reminder to seek help when it is needed.The University of Minnesota offers tools and resources to help you both academically and mentally. Here are some of the most useful resources on campus. 

Stay up late at the libraries

With over 10 libraries, the University has an endless amount of study space. In addition to camping out late into the night to study — most are open until midnight and the Bio-Medical Library is open until 3 a.m. over midterms— they also offer a multitude of resources. Reserving study spaces is one resource to take advantage of, but spaces fill quickly. Be sure to reserve early. Of course, in-person support is key. The SMART learning commons, tutoring and researcher support are among the best resources available.

Planning your to-do list may help you through midterms, as well. Be sure to keep an eye on the assignment calculator. The online tool breaks down projects into manageable steps based on the due date. All you have to do is select your assignment type, which ranges from research papers, speeches to lab reports, and choose the due date. Then the calculator automatically gives you a step-by-step list on how to complete the assignment. 

Need technical assistance?

Computers have a tendency to crash during the busiest moments. The University offers extensive resources when it comes to help with technology. Whether you need help installing Microsoft Office — which is free for students and faculty — or you’re looking for assistance in producing videos or graphics, the Information Team team is there to assist you. 

Boost your writing skills

Student Writing Support offers one-on-one writing consultations, which can help you write those lengthy, midterm papers. Consultants are there to listen, read and respond to written work while clarifying any questions. SWS can help with writing strategies, so you can head into midterms with confidence in your essay writing abilities.

Practice self-care

While self-care may look different for every student, Boynton Health offers a few different options for students to practice their best self-care. One of the most coveted events, Pet Away Worry and Stress, offers free therapy animal sessions. Dogs, bunnies, chickens and other therapy animals are available for students to interact with, which reduces stress. Boynton also offers free, weekly yoga and tai chi classes, as well as stress check-ins — an opportunity to talk through stress and find solutions to problems.

For support and counseling services, look no further than Appleby Hall. Group, personal, academic, career and online counseling are among the offered services. For students who have never been to a counseling session or are unsure whether it’s the right fit, Let’s Talk is a free and confidential resource offered daily. 

Midterms can be a stressful time, and utilizing these resources are small steps toward managing stress and academics.