Badgers fan flees from U police

Koran Addo

University of Wisconsin-Madison officials dealt with several University students over Halloween, and last week University police got a Wisconsin visitor.

Police chased a shirtless Badgers fan covered in red dye after he fought with a business owner near the West Bank campus.

The owner approached the man because he was rubbing himself against a sign outside the business, staining it with red dye.

The man was booked at the Hennepin County Jail for disorderly conduct and obstruction of the legal process.

u Police also arrested four people for trespassing this week.

In one case, an officer found a man sleeping on a couch in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science building.

The sleeping man had an active trespass warning, which means police have previously cited him for trespassing. The officer cited him again and escorted him from the building.

Police found another trespasser with several forms of identification that did not belong to him.

The man was using a computer in Blegen Hall after the building had closed. When police approached him, the man told them he had no affiliation with the University, but officers found on him a U Card and a Minnesota driver’s license that did not belong to him.

• An unknown person stole a woman’s driver’s license while she tried to buy concessions at the Metrodome on Saturday.

The woman was holding her California identification outside the concession stand when the thief grabbed it from her hand and disappeared into the crowd. Police have no suspects.

• A University student arrested for underage drinking tried to knee a police officer in the groin while they took her to detoxification.

The woman missed and hit the officer in the leg. She was charged with underage drinking and obstruction of legal process.

• Police also responded to a missing parking meter head.

Officers found several other loose meter heads. Police blamed “ice heaving” for the missing and loose meters.