Regents discuss budget cuts, tuition

State funding will be cut, but federal stimulus money will cap tuition increase at $300 per student.

University of Minnesota President Bob BruininksâÄôs 2010 proposed budget was presented at the Board of Regents Finance and Operations Committee meeting Thursday. The base tuition increase for undergraduate Minnesota residents would be 7.5 percent, or $720, said University Chief Financial Officer Richard Pfutzenreuter, who presented the proposal. With the addition of the $89.3 million in federal stimulus money over the next two years, those students would receive $420, reducing the tuition increase to no more than $300 per student, or about 3 percent, Pfutzenreuter said. Non-residents, graduate and professional students, however, would have the full impact of the $720 increase. The new Middle Income Scholarship Program will also benefit around 29 percent of undergraduate students, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Robert McMaster said. In 2012, tuition increases would be added on to the original 7.5 percent increase. With the reduction in state funding, the amount students pay for tuition in 2010 will, for the first time, be higher than the amount the University receives from state support. âÄúThe federal stimulus money really helps a great deal in the next two years,âÄù Bruininks said. âÄúI think the concern, long-term, is what will the level of state support be for the University of Minnesota in the years 2012 and 2013.âÄù The full Board of Regents will review the presidentâÄôs proposal at FridayâÄôs Board meeting. There will also be a public forum on the proposed budget on June 17, and the Regents will act on the draft at their June 24 meeting. Check Wednesday’s Daily for the full story.