Third car stolen this year from U parking ramps

Also, two men were ejected from Coffman Friday afternoon.

A nurse from the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairvie w got his car stolen from the hospitalâÄôs parking ramp Friday night after he left his doors unlocked and his keys in the car, a police report stated. This is the third vehicle reported stolen from a University parking ramp this year. Zach Muigai Chege , 30, said he returned to the ramp after his hospital shift around 11:30 p.m. to find his blue 1997 Toyota Corolla missing. âÄúUnfortunately, I left my car unlocked,âÄù Chege said. âÄúI have been borrowing a car from a friend since then.âÄù ChegeâÄôs laptop and textbooks were inside of the car when it was stolen. âÄúThe police told me that my car will probably be found,âÄù Chege said Police put license plates of stolen vehicles into a database that show up when a vehicleâÄôs license plate number is run, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. âÄúMost times, unless a car with valuable parts is taken to a âÄòchop shop,âÄô vehicles end up being recovered,âÄù Miner said. Parking ramps have video surveillance, which Miner said helps deter and prosecute thieves. However, many vehicle owners trust the surveillance too much, which can lead to vehicle damages or thefts.

Trespassing in Coffman

Officers tackled a 56-year-old homeless man in Coffman Union Friday afternoon after they feared he was going to stab them with a pen the man was using to sign a trespassing warning, a police report stated. The man became uncooperative after University police guided him to the door after finding him asleep next to a bottle of vodka in the student commuter lounge, the report said. After releasing the man from handcuffs outside the building, the man clenched the pen in his hand and took a stance toward the officers that they thought to be aggressive, Miner said. The man had not been cited for trespassing prior to the incident. The man was taken to Hennepin County Jail and is facing charges for trespassing and obstructing a legal process. An hour later, another man was issued a trespass warning from Coffman after officers responded to a report of a belligerently intoxicated male. Officers detected a strong odor of mouthwash coming from the man, the police report said. When asked if he was drinking mouthwash, the man said, âÄúI can drink whatever I want.âÄù The man was then dropped off in downtown Minneapolis by University police, according to the police report.