Student run over by Metro Transit bus

A Metro Transit bus ran over the legs of a young woman on a bike Thursday at 11:10 a.m., on 10th Avenue Southeast just south of Fourth Street Southeast in Dinkytown. Caitlin Arnett, a University sophomore, is in satisfactory condition, Christine Hill, a spokewoman for the Hennepin County Medical Center, said Friday. One witness, communications sophomore Lexi Meisner, said she was walking back to her sorority house when she saw Arnett riding her bike, heading north on 10th Avenue, against traffic. âÄúIt kind of looked like she swerved away from the bus before she hit the curb, wobbled a bit, and fell down,âÄù Meisner said. However, Metro Transit Police spokesman Bob Gibbons said Arnett and the bus were going in the same direction. He said they were stopped at a stoplight, and after the light turned green, Arnett moved out ahead of the bus. As the bus tried to pass her, they came in contact, causing Arnett to fall and be run over by the back wheels of the bus. The case is under investigation, Gibbons said. Meisner said the bus rolled over both of ArnettâÄôs thighs like a speed-bump, and she said she heard the bones snap and pop. Arnett lay still for a few seconds before she started screaming and yelling for someone to help her, Meisner said. Art senior Whitney Starkey said she was across the street when she heard someone scream. She saw what had happened and called 911. Meisner said, âÄúIâÄôve never heard someone sound like they were in so much pain.âÄù Meisner said the No. 2 route bus, started backing up, apparently trying to get farther from the curb, but Meisner got the driverâÄôs attention and stopped him. The bus was a few inches from backing over the womanâÄôs legs again, she said. Starkey said a fire truck came about a minute after the call, and an ambulance arrived later to take the woman away. Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia confirmed the time of the accident, but said Metro Transit Police handled the case.