Roseville police dog recovering at U vet hospital

The dog’s condition could be improved if the removal of a chest tube is successful.

Sarah Nienaber

A Roseville police dog named Major is recovering at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center after being stabbed four times Friday morning.

The dog is doing well, but remains in critical condition, Roseville Police Chief Rick Mathwig said.

Major was stabbed while responding to an early morning break-in at a Maplewood business.

MajorâÄôs condition could improve from critical to stable if a chest tube inserted for his collapsed lung is successfully removed Saturday, Mathwig said. The dogâÄôs condition did not worsen overnight.

Major spent most of Friday afternoon in surgery for a cut to his neck and spinal injuries. The dogâÄôs main issue is hind leg mobility, and he canâÄôt use his legs to stand or walk, Mathwig said.

âÄúMajor is alert today, so he came out of anesthesia wonderfully,âÄù Mathwig said. âÄúWe donâÄôt know if that is temporary or permanent, itâÄôs too early to tell.âÄù

Mathwig described Major as well-tempered, obedient dog who works well with children.

Mathwig said he hopes Major will someday return to duty, but if he canâÄôt recover from his injuries properly, he will be retired and live with Officer John JorgensenâÄôs family.

âÄúWe have a great department and we have a great K-9 unit of three dogs,âÄù Mathwig said. âÄúMajor and John have been the unofficial leaders of our team for the last five or six years. Major has a great nose as far as narcotics goes, a great nose for finding people.âÄù