Students question funding decisions

A roomful of students Tuesday said their organizations should receive more money than the Student Services Fees Committee allotted them last week. Some also said the fees process should change.
In attendance at the hearing, which was sponsored by the fees committee, were members from the La Raza, Asian-American, American Indian and Queer student cultural centers, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, The Minnesota Daily and the Coffman Board of Governors.
Group members addressed three University administrators from the offices of Budget and Finance, and Student Development and Athletics.
The fees committee recommended cuts in funding for Coffman Union, the Daily, the Disabled Student Cultural Center, Recreational Sports, the St. Paul Board of Colleges and Radio KUOM.
Members of the Asian-American and La Raza student cultural centers said the University needs places for minority students to feel comfortable, express ideas and expose others to their culture.
Members of La Raza also disputed claims in a recently filed lawsuit that the center promotes communism. The lawsuit, which was filed against the University in February, aims to make funding for the center optional.
Several employees from the Daily described their work as an excellent learning experience not found anywhere else at the University. Daily employees also said cutting funds to the newspaper would lead to fewer opinions pieces and circulation.
Members of the Coffman Board of Governors said groups should have more time to prepare their proposals before presenting them to the fees committee.
— Max Rust