Michael Moore to speak at U campus

Stephanie Kudrle

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore will be coming to campus after all.

Moore will speak at 8 p.m. Friday at Williams Arena. Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action is sponsoring his visit.

Last week, University officials said they were unsure if Moore would come to campus after the College Republicans questioned whether student money would be used to finance his visit.

Despite a promise from the action group that no University money will be associated with Moore, College Republican Chairman Jake Grassel said he still has questions.

“We know (the alliance) is supporting him and we understand they have the money,” he said. “But we’re not sure if (the alliance) has received any student fees from the University.”

Grassel said he also wondered if the action group would cover costs for the University police and security at the event.

The police are skeptical about getting paid, he said, and the University might have to step in and pay the bill.

If it is guaranteed no University money is used, Grassel said, he has no problem with Moore coming to campus.

The action group does not receive money from the University and will be taking care of all costs associated with Moore’s visit, said Heather Foster, the organization’s spokeswoman.

She said those fees include the reservation of Williams Arena, security, ushers and staff. In addition, she said, Moore is donating his speaking fee and is paying for his own transportation.

Foster said it’s important for students to hear what Moore has to say. The action group became involved with his visit Friday when it became apparent the University was not going to pay.

“This tour is entirely about getting young nonvoters and students out to the polls,” Foster said. “We just couldn’t pass it up.”

Mark Rotenberg, University general counsel, said the University was trying to balance both sides of the issue when bringing Moore to campus.

“He’s leasing space just like other people in the past,” he said. “We’re gong to try to ensure everybody’s free expression rights are able to be protected on an orderly campus.”

Tickets to the event are $6 for the general public and $5 for students.