“Occupy U of MN” begins Friday

Eric Murphy

According to a Facebook event and at least one anonymous flyer in the West Bank skyway, an event called “Occupy U of MN” begins tomorrow, December 9, at noon in the Carlson School of Management. The event says it is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements that have sprung up around the country. The event doesn’t appear to be directly connected to the “Occupy the University of Minnesota” Facebook page, which has more than 200 members.

Occupy movements have sprung up at several Universities around the country, including the University of California-Davis, where seated student protestors were pepper-sprayed, and Harvard University. There was also a city-wide student strike in New York City on November 17. So far, University students have been a significant part of the Occupy movement, and student debt in particular has been a key issue, but Universities have not always been the site of the protests. At the moment, the event seems small, but a hallmark of the movement has been starting small and slowly growing over time.