Thieves stole two cars in neighborhoods surrounding the ‘U’

Thieves boosted and stripped a car of its valuable parts sometime from late Saturday to early Sunday, according to a police report. The owner, Jeffrey Hubbner , said he left his 1998 Acura Integra GSR parked across the street from his friendâÄôs house on 1218 Como Ave. S.E ., and it was gone when he came back for it about two hours later. Hubbner is all too familiar with car theft because he had the same model stolen from him last year in south Minneapolis. He said thieves commonly steal Integras, a car featured in the movie âÄúThe Fast and the Furious ,âÄù to strip them of their parts, which they can put into other vehicles. Within 24 hours police found HubbnerâÄôs Integra in St. Paul, completely stripped. Thieves took the engine, headlights and wheels âÄî all parts that could net the thieves thousands of dollars on Craigslist , Hubbner said. âÄúIt looks like the car when you go to the factory before they put the parts on,âÄù he said. Hubbner said he wonâÄôt be buying another Integra. âÄúYou canâÄôt buy what you want to buy because you worry about people stealing it,âÄù he said. Dine and dash Timofey Burtsev said he stopped to pick up dinner at Casablanca Restaurant near Prospect Park Monday night and parked his idling silver Mitsubishi Eclipse while he ran inside. When he came back, the company car, which belonged to A Auto Sales in Oakdale , was gone, stolen by a man that came into the restaurant and asked Burtsev if he could get him a taxi, Burtsev said. University police Lt. Troy Buhta said car theft comes and goes around the University in spurts, but thieves steal more cars when the temperature drops because people leave their cars running. Buhta calls this a crime of opportunity, because a running car is easy to take. Last year Minneapolis police started ticketing people that left their cars running unattended. This year the rule is that an individual canâÄôt let their parked car idle for longer than three minutes . Buhta said officials created this law both for environmental and safety reasons. The police are investigating both car thefts and pulled a photo of the second theftâÄôs suspect from the restaurant camera. Police get bird, car Police checked the license plates on a vehicle when a passenger inside flicked an officer off early Sunday outside the Profile Event Center , according to a police report. After running the license plate, police discovered the car was stolen, according to the police report. The police pulled the car over inside of the University Village parking lot, arrested two men and let four other passengers go. Cabdi Mohamed, 19 , was charged with possessing the stolen vehicle âÄî a felony âÄî and Mohamed Ahmed, 19 , was charged for a misdemeanor warrant. In a supplemental report from the Burnsville Police Department , Richard Jensen , who has recovered his car since the incident, said thieves damaged the car and placed several videogame consoles and a DeWALT screwdriver in the trunk.