University suspends policies in light of flu

The University has suspended two attendance policies due to a recent increase in influenza at the University and around the state.

by Meghan Holden

Due to a high number of recently reported influenza outbreaks, the University of Minnesota is suspending its policy on first-day class attendance and required doctor’s notes.

In an email to students Friday, University officials wrote students will not have to show doctor’s notes the first week of classes due to the high number of influenza cases. The changes, which are effective Friday, are due to the large number of cases of influenza in the state and at the University.  

With the first-day attendance policy suspended, students must email instructors if they will be absent on the first day to ensure they don’t lose their spots in classes the first week.

If students are currently on a waitlist for a class they should attend the first day of class as they normally would, if they are healthy.

The email asks that students do not attend class until they have been free of flu symptoms for at least 24 hours.

Boynton Health Services will be holding clinics for free flu shots on campus the first week of classes. Students are asked to refer to the email for flu prevention and treatment.

The suspension marks the second time in recent years the University has suspected these policies. The last time they were suspended was in 2009 due to the H1N1 influenza outbreak.