Weekend Culture Compass – from Che to Lykke Li

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Photo by Paul Griggs. Source

Ashley Goetz

Photo by Paul Griggs. Source


Music- Tapes âÄôN Tapes Rumored to write their lyrics by free-associating their guttural vocal sounds, Tapes âÄòN Tapes are anything but contrived. A long career has led them from frustrated anthems that alchemized strange beauty into a milder variety of Tapes-brand ska. New style or no, their already-blossomed career has not stopped them from gliding their tour back onto the frozen and murderous ice rinks (or, um streets) of their home town. First Avenue, 701 First Avenue North 8 p.m. $14 Art- Rapture The best thing about creating a portrait is that after a few strokes, it starts looking back at you. That could one reason why artist Melba Price chose 50 stock photos from the internet to paint for her exhibit âÄúRapture.âÄù After looking at her light and expression-filled works, it is easy to see just what âÄúenrapturedâÄù her about them. Midway Contemporary Art, 527 Second Avenue SE 11 a.m. âÄì 5 p.m. Education – Water at the Science Museum Q: Why does water expand instead of shrink when itâÄôs frozen? A: No idea? Yes, this disappointing Q&A still continues to happen. People donâÄôt know all there is to know about H2O, and the Science Museum is here to help. With a wall of fog and a giant satellite globe, their new âÄúWaterâÄù exhibit seeks to educate and âÄúdemonstrate the beauty, fragility and essential nature of water.âÄù Science Museum, 120 Kellogg Boulevard W 9 a.m. âÄì 9 p.m. $11 Music – First Communion Afterparty FIRST, there were hippies. THEN, Vietnam ended and they all became investment bankers. NOW, the children of said boomers are privileged enough to re-live all their parentsâÄô psychedelic fantasies! FRIDAY, some of those exact kids will be exhibiting their unique brand of indie-psych rock in the form of First Communion Afterparty. Questionable perspective, thoroughly rocking local band. 400 Bar Cedar Avenue Friday 8 p.m. $5 Magic Celebration Family ItâÄôs U band night! Straight from Coffman union naps and back into Coffman UnionâÄôs faux-vintage music club, you can catch a few of the most notable bands your peers play in. Make sure to catch Magic Celebration Factory, a gaggle of eclectic tune makers whose sound is in the vein of Sublime but exudes overtones of Phish. The Whole, Coffman 7:30 p.m. Free


Music – Bret Michaels Are those long blonde locks real? Which âÄúRock of Love BusâÄù girls have real breasts? ItâÄôs not promised that these questions will be answered as Bret Michaels tours across the country, but itâÄôs certain that heâÄôll be wearing a denim jacket at one point and covering a few old Poison songs. Grand Casino Hinckley, 777 Lady Luck Dr, Hinckley 8 p.m. $25 Music – Savage Aural Hotbed, 20th Anniversary Sure, power tools and saw blades may not be traditional musical instruments, but Savage Aural Hotbed, a Minneapolis âÄúfound-objectâÄù band, has been subsisting on them for twenty years. In celebration of two decades and another CD release, the hardware-wielding band will be slam-jamming until they are satisfied (or First Avenue kicks them out). First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N 6 p.m. $8 Education – Che Guevara and the Cuban revolution ItâÄôs pretty clear: YouâÄôve been wearing a pseudo-vintage Che t-shirt for some time and havenâÄôt quite nailed down his political significance. Well, youâÄôre in luck. The Walker community Library is hosting a discussion of GuevaraâÄôs role in Cuba, Latin America and Africa. TheyâÄôre also screening the much-buzzed new film âÄúChe,âÄù by Steven Soderbergh and starring Benicio Del Toro. Walker Community Library, 2880 Hennepin Avenue 3 p.m. Free Dance – Trio Mateo The Loring Pasta Bar is arguably one of the most beautiful dining establishments in Minneapolis, with copper and green molded walls and densely upholstered seating. Saturday features Flamenco dancing with Trio Mateo, a jazzy Latin band melded with a riffing saxophone and sweet sweeping cello. Loring Pasta Bar, 327 14th Ave. SE 6 p.m. Free Art – Anatomy: Creation, Existing and Decomposition Featuring eleven artists from across the country, âÄúAnatomyâÄù aims to deconstruct human physiology and the way that our bodies have become our own object of worship. Spend a little time ruminating on what exactly makes you tick. StevenâÄôs Square Center for the Arts, 1905 3rd Ave S. 1 p.m. Free


Music-A Celebration of Immigration to the Twin Cities With acts varying from Frenchspeaking and Finnish songsters to poetry readings in English, this benefit concert is sure to be diversely interesting and by no means francophilic. The proceeds of the showcase will go to bringing the family of Jean Akoy Beavogui from the Republic of Guinea to the U.S. Alliance Francaise, 113 N. 1st Street 3 p.m. Admission by donation Theatre-Beyond Ballroom Dance Company: The Book of Love In an attempt to gear up for ValentineâÄôs Day, the Beyond Ballroom Dance Company has added a romantic flare to their always groundbreaking and progressive take on professional ballroom dance. With a blend of contemporary style and classic elegance, the troupe has created something worthy of both envy and applause. After watching this band cut a rug for a night, your love day gift for your sweetheart just might change from chocolates to tap shoes. Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Ave S. 2 & 7 p.m. $29 Music-27th Annual Battle of the Jug Bands Hailed as âÄúthe oldest jug band gathering in the known universe,âÄù the CaboozeâÄôs 27th annual battle of the jug bands is exactly what it sounds like. A heated competition between washboard-clad kazoo trumpeting Jug-ernauts all fighting for the coveted âÄútraveling waffle iron trophyâÄù and the bragging rights to name themselves #1 jughead. Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave S 12:30 p.m. Admission by Donation Music-Lykke Li SwedenâÄôs young and exponentially talented electro-pop songstress has already danced herself into the hearts of most of Europe, but will she be able to do the same in the olâÄô U.S. of A? With stiff competition from the likes of âĦ ahem … Lindsay Lohan or whoever else the Disney channel is pumping out for Americans to devour, one hopes her popularity in the new world is long and all consuming. Varsity Theater, 1308 4th Street SE 6 p.m. $20 Art/Culture -Urban Expedition: Hmong Heartland With a mix of food, dancing, arts, crafts and, most importantly, lore, both young and old will get a chance to explore and experience Hmong culture with this passport into the heart of the people and their heritage. Drawing from the shared experiences of a diverse array of different performers, chefs and community members, this event is sure to be a detailed and educational glimpse into the rich history of the Hmong people. Landmark Center, 75 West 5th Street 1-3 p.m. Free Culture to Consume: Drink this: Camp Bar in St. Paul understands exactly what makes a martini the perfect party drink. Ten bucks might sound a little pricey until you try the Black Martini with Absolut Kurant, raspberry liquor, and Cointreau. Eat this: If you feel like eating something jazzy without having to take the 6 all the way Uptown, hop into Obento-Ya on 15th and Como for some delicious Obento dishes, what have previously been called âÄúJapanese lunchablesâÄù by one customer. A typical Obento meal features a small grilled entrée, fried potatoes, soup and a green salad for only about seven dollars. Listen to this: Dan Auerbach, lead singer of the Black Keys, is releasing his solo album âÄúKeep it HidâÄù on Tuesday. Scan Hypem for any leaked tracks. Read this: âÄúThe Big Ideas Of 2009âÄù Brought straight from the culture-jammers headquarters itself, this Adbusters feature is sure to healthily burst the bubble for Americans assured that Obama alone can save everything. Available at Adbusters Watch this: âÄúWaltz With BashirâÄù Ari FolmanâÄôs animated documentary about the horrific 1982 Lebanon war will leave you breathless if not stunned. Click this:Free Rice: This website put on by the United Nations World Food Program tests your knowledge while helping to feed the hungry. Right answers equal ten grains of rice.