Tap water wins

Earlier this semester, the Minnesota Daily published a story about banning bottled water on campus, which revealed a wide range of opinions. Some students believe such a ban would be nearly impossible considering the University of MinnesotaâÄôs contract with Coca-Cola, while others believe itâÄôs possible as long as thereâÄôs enough support for it.

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group conducted a blind taste test on the Washington Avenue Bridge on Monday, where they had students choose between bottled and tap water. After two hours and 143 tasters, MPIRG found that 68 preferred tap water, 37 preferred bottled, and 38 had no preference.

ThatâÄôs right, turns out our campus likes tap water best, with good reason. According to Tap MPLS, Minneapolis boasts some of the cleanest, safest water in the country. Additionally, while you might pay as much as $10 a gallon for bottled water, the same amount of tap water will run for just half a cent. On top of that, Minneapolis tap water exceeds the standards set for bottled water. And letâÄôs not even get started on the ridiculous amounts of plastic bottles that never make it to the recycling bin and end up in incinerators and landfills.