Battleground states update

Cody Zwiefelhofer

Let’s take a look at key battleground states that are reporting any results: Obama took Ohio, one of the biggest battleground states. Also according to MSNBC, North Dakota is going to McCain. In Florida, Obama is up 51 percent to 48 percent for McCain. Eighty percent of precincts are in. Currently that race is too close to call, but an analyst on MSNBC said that numbers from southeast Florida and the Tampa Bay area are not in yet and those numbers tend to be democratic-leaning, so he thinks that Florida will be Obama’s. In North Carolina, Obama and McCain are in a dead heat at 50-50 with 85 percent of results in. This state will probably have to wait until all the results have been reported, according to MSNBC analysts. Obama has a minimal one percent lead on McCain in Virginia in a race that’s going down to the wire, with 90 percent of precincts reporting. McCain had been leading Virginia for most of the night so far, but Obama has a slim lead right now. Indiana is still too close, with McCain having a one point lead with 90 percent of precincts reporting. Missouri and Montana are still tallying votes. McCain has a 3 percent lead in Missouri with just over one-third of precincts reporting results. Michigan would have been a battleground state, but McCain and his campaign left Michigan to campaign elsewhere. Obama won Michigan at about 8:00 p.m.