Some parting words for you

The Daily Editorial Board gives some final advice for the end of the year.

This is the last issue of the Minnesota Daily this spring. As campus clears for the summer, this board feels compelled to leave our readers with some parting advice.
The University of Minnesota administration will look different when school starts in September. WeâÄôre hopeful incoming President Eric Kaler will set a sustainable course for this school, emphasizing a thorough education and academic discovery at a reasonable price. The administration needs to be committed to its students first âÄî avoid debilitating tuition increases and provide the aid students need to attend school here.
But that canâÄôt be done unless the state does its part. This is the last edition of the Daily before the LegislatureâÄôs scheduled adjournment May 23. This Board has asked the stateâÄôs lawmakers all year to better this state by softening their budget cuts to the University. Higher education is the stateâÄôs best jobs engine. So when the state cuts funding to its colleges and universities, its ability to train future employees and rebound from the Great Recession is diminished. So to the Legislature and governor we make one last appeal: Remember your commitment to making Minnesota better âÄî avoid large cuts to higher education.
To the students of this school, we urge you to get involved and be aware of the world around you. DonâÄôt sit idle in the face of budget cuts and higher tuition. You must take steps to defend yourselves and your school, or you risk paying too much to attend a weakened institution. Fight for shared governance with the University, talk to your lawmakers about the value of higher education and demand to have your voice heard.
Because in the end, itâÄôs you who has the most to gain âÄî or to lose.