New apartment developments in Marcy-Holmes move forward

The City Council could soon consider CPM Companies’ development plans a neighborhood group signed off on last week.

Max Chao

Developments could once again change the University of Minnesota’s Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.

The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors approved two proposals Tuesday to build a new apartment building and renovate other structures in the area, including a house that will be used by a University fraternity.

Both projects are being handled by CPM Companies, which has a renting presence in the area and has developed other apartment buildings, including the Radius at 15th and WaHu student apartments.

The plans for the projects at 1000 5th St. SE and 925 6th St. SE were proposed in early February, but weren’t approved until Tuesday. The board had concerns with the plans like the current disrepair of some buildings at the property and the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, which is currently operating illegally without a permit according to MHNA members.

The project at 925 6th St. SE includes a remodel of a multi-building mansion used by the TKE fraternity and the construction of a three-story, 23-bedroom apartment building.

The MHNA supported this construction with some conditions. They asked that a house on the property now illegally-occupied by TKE cease operation until they get a “conditional use permit” and that any new buildings preserve the historical aesthetic of the surrounding properties, along with requests to incorporate storm water runoff onsite.

The project at 1000 5th St. SE aims to add a floor and remodel a two-floor house at the address. The goal is to make the building suitable for the Kappa Sigma fraternity to move in.

The MHNA agreed to support this project as long as it also incorporates storm water runoff and uses paint colors they approve.

The letters of support were sent to Minneapolis Ward 3 Council Member Jacob Frey’s office and are pending approval by the council.