Man arrested for disorderly conduct in Keller Hall

Kia Farhang

University of Minnesota police booked a man for disorderly conduct at Keller Hall on Tuesday, according to a police report.

The man, who is not affiliated with the University according to the report, was allegedly shouting obscenities at Facilities Management workers from the second floor.

The man may have gotten into Keller Hall through doors that FM propped open for cleaning, the report said.

When an FM supervisor asked if there was a problem, the man allegedly challenged him to a fight. UMPD booked him at Hennepin County jail.


Bike theft

Toby Deptula, a University of Minnesota Morris graduate, had his bike stolen sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Deptula said he left his bike chained to a tree in front of his apartment on 5th Street Southeast, a few blocks away from the Stone Arch Bridge. When Deptula went to use his bike on Tuesday morning, it was gone.

“I have a feeling somebody was riding along with their crappy bike and busted mine off,” Deptula said. He found an old bike on the ground near where he had left his.

The best way to prevent bike theft is to use a strong lock, said Minneapolis police Sgt. William Palmer said.

“If somebody has unlimited time and resources, they’re going to get that lock,” Palmer said, but a good lock âÄï like a U-shaped lock âÄï is harder to cut off.