Fraternity council elects new leaders, president

The Interfraternity Council elected a new president and several other leaders Tuesday at Coffman Union.

Neil Munshi

The Interfraternity Council elected a new president and several other leaders Tuesday at Coffman Union.

Brian Brothman, a junior in Sigma Nu fraternity, was elected to the post. He pledged to help recruitment efforts, increase involvement with greek alumni and build a stronger relationship between campus fraternities and the University.

Brothman is currently serving as the council vice president of member development. His only opponent for the position was Brad Peterson, from Farmhouse fraternity.

“In terms of recruitment, I think we did a great job this year, but I think we can do better,” he said.

Delegates from the fraternities on campus held elections for three positions – president, executive vice president and vice president of finances.

The greek community’s tendency to donate a substantial amount of money to the University has given them an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with the school, Brothman said.

“I think it’s our duty to get to (University officials) and talk to them and get help from them,” Brothman said.

“We have alumni who know the administration and, in fact, we have several alumni in the administration,” he said.

Alumni should also be involved with each of their individual chapters, Brothman said, noting that many campus fraternities are without alumni representation.

Outgoing council president Paul Horner, a Minnesota Daily employee, was optimistic about new council leadership.

“We’re very excited for the new execs to take over, and we’re very excited to see what they will accomplish,” Horner said.

Brothman said he would like to bring back Greek Week, a weeklong event for fraternities and sororities.

He said he would also like to change the perception of the council as a group that polices fraternities, and said he wants the council to be known more for helping chapters.

In other elections, Pete Setter of Sigma Nu fraternity will serve as executive vice president, and John Sikora, a Minnesota Daily Employee, of Beta Theta Pi fraternity was elected vice president of finance.

Elections for vice presidents of member development, public relations, risk management, recruitment and programming will be held Tuesday.