Daily, other media outlets, should have reported drunk-driving story more carefully

I would like to start by saying I agree that it was wrong for University student John Peterson to drive drunk, and he should be held accountable for it.

However, I am appalled by the way the Minnesota Daily and other media outlets have sensationalized the story of the accident involving the death of Kandyce Stoffel.

First, the Daily and other media outlets have said that Peterson hit on Stoffel that night at a bar, while there are now witnesses who account for him being elsewhere that night, so he could not have been at a Dinkytown bar to hit on her. News articles have inaccurately been focusing on Stoffel having rejected his advances, which made it sound as if he killed her because of this.

Second, the details of Stoffel feeling uncomfortable by PetersonâÄôs advances âÄî and that his pants were wet âÄî are not needed to report the story, regardless of whether they are true or not.

These details are embarrassing and would never be reported publicly if they had happened to the victims or other witnesses. Peterson and his family already have to bear the shame of what has happened, but they shouldnâÄôt have to be subjected to media choosing particular details to share in order to further demonize and embarrass him. Just because he drove drunk does not give the media the right to publish details about him that would not be published about anyone else.

I urge the Daily to be more careful about what it chooses to publish and what it chooses to leave out, out of respect for all persons involved.