Como association

Students living in the southeast Como area are being sought to be part of a neighborhood discussion group.
The Southeast Como Improvement Association is sponsoring the discussion, which will consider the impact of heavy traffic on Como Avenue and its community. The meeting is slated for March.
The group will look at possible ways to make biking and walking on the highly used street more feasible.
The association will also hire a consultant to conduct a Como thoroughfare study. The study is intended to provide the neighborhood with information and options.
It will also offer proposals of ways to lessen traffic and promote alternative transportation, according to The Southeast Comotion, an association publication.
The study is part of the first step in a plan to change the southeast Como area. The first step includes a possible bike path, bike parking and benches in community and business areas, reuse of Elm Street, thoroughfare greening and neighborhood lighting, and other possible initiatives.
For more information, call the association office at 676-1731.
— Erin Ghere