Shooting a serious event

Emily Janisch

I am writing as a very concerned student about the image that The Minnesota Daily makes for itself and the perceptions it may be giving its student readers. This is a college-level newspaper, and though not all writers are journalism majors and English scholars, I believe it should be a simple task to choose worthy quotations for very serious articles. The closing quote for the Jan. 27th shooting on campus article reads: âÄúFirst-year English and history major Kelsey Cassidy was doing homework at the time of the shooting. âÄòItâÄôs scary, but thereâÄôs bound to be crazy stuff that happens,âÄô said Cassidy. âÄòNot good things, but we live in Minneapolis.âÄô âÄù This quote dramatically plays down the fact that there was a completely unprovoked, life-threatening shooting on campus with suspects still at large, as if everyone at the University should think this situation is âÄúno big deal because we live in Minneapolis.âÄù Yes, this is a large city that has crime like most other large cities, but this is also an excellent, world-recognized university. A shooting like this is far more shocking than the article portrays it to be. It is ridiculous to end such a serious piece with such a naïve quote. Emily Janisch, University undergraduate student