Take back the night

This school year has seen a rash of sexual assaults, and no one has paid attention. A degree of sexual violence against, primarily, women and the GLBT community has become the norm. Moreover, some people no longer find it important to talk about sexual assaults âÄî several women attacked on the West Bank campus only came forward after hearing others report similar attacks. Sexual assault and domestic violence are often labeled âÄúcrimes of silenceâÄù because of low reporting rates and social discomfort with their public discussion. Take Back the Night is an event that honors the victims of sexual assault and violence. It also focuses on the power of speaking out, empowering and educating communities, and providing resources to victims. This year, MPIRG will be hosting its 12th annual Take Back the Night. This yearâÄôs event will be on the state Capitol lawn on Friday, April 24. The event will begin at 6 p.m. with a march, followed by a rally, speakers and local bands No Bird Sing and Sleeper and Sleepless. Take Back the Night is a community event. Many local organizations and student groups have been invited to participate. Speakers will include state Sen. Sandra Pappas , feminist author Patricia Weaver Francisco and OutFrontMinnesota organizer Kelly Lewis . Katherine Manbeck University student