A bakery concoction to make you say “whoa”

Micaela Resh

If you remember last year’s pastry craze, the cronut, a croissant donut hybrid, get ready for this new fried delight.

The wonut. Part waffle, part donut.

Chicago’s Waffles Cafe created this delicious treat by frying a variation of waffle batter in vegetable shortening before dipping in marshmallow, maple, or chocolate glazes. To top it off, quite literally, each wonut is sprinkled with granola, chocolate shavings, sprinkles, or somethings of the like.

Is your mouth watering yet?

If not, take a peek at the wonut creation process through pictures, posted by Thrillist.

Flavors include green tea, red velvet, and Mexican chocolate. And for the health conscious, there is even a whole wheat variety, but with all things deep fried you might as well do the real deal.


via Sean Cooley