Culture compass — Tapes ‘n’ Tapes, “Cowboy Versus Samurai” and Daniel Tosh

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, jabronis.

Mark Brenden



Music âÄî Tapes âÄònâÄô Tapes, Leisure Birds and Tarlton


Surely, Tapes âÄònâÄô Tapes are on the shortlist of Minneapolis indie bands who have come to represent us to the rest of the world. But itâÄôs been years âÄònâÄô years since their glory days, and, though surely most of you will go to see them, itâÄôs Leisure BirdsâÄô cocky psychedilia that youâÄôll surely leave with. IâÄôll now stop calling you Shirley.


Turf Club

1601 University Ave. W, St. Paul

9 p.m.





Theater âÄî âÄúCowboy Versus SamuraiâÄù


âÄúCowboy Versus SamuraiâÄù re-imagines Edmond RostandâÄôs âÄúCyrano de BergeracâÄù and sets it in the land of cowboys, mountains and broke-backs âÄî Wyoming. ItâÄôs like âÄúAlien vs. Predator,âÄù except for how itâÄôs based on a classic French play, how itâÄôs a humorous overlap of themes from race to romance and how itâÄôs not in any way similar to âÄúAlien vs. Predator.âÄù


Guthrie Theater

818 S. 2nd St.

7:30 p.m.





Comedy âÄî Daniel Tosh


Daniel Tosh has become something of a celebrity thanks to his Comedy Central hit, âÄúTosh.0,âÄù but itâÄôs his standup skill ­âÄî rooted in a rambling, observational humor, where a joke about daylight saving can devolve into something about pterodactyl-women âÄî that sets him apart as a comedian.


State Theater

805 Hennepin Ave.

7:30 p.m.



Listen to this: Cee Lo Green âÄî âÄúThe Lady KillerâÄù

Cee Lo, in collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse, was responsible for what was probably the best song of the last decade. Now, with his soulful kick in the ass, âÄúF*** You,âÄù the new Rev. Green has got the frontrunner for the impending âÄúBest Songs of 2010âÄù lists. HeâÄôs also set the bar pretty high for the next nine yearsâÄô worth of tune-makers to work toward. A&E has a message for those who do not intend on buying this album. To retrieve it, refer to the song title.


Watch this: âÄú127 HoursâÄù

To be sure, based-on-a-true-story features can be quick to board the cheese train. But with the combo of the Darren Aronofsky-Oscar-stealing director Danny Boyle (âÄúSlumdog MillionaireâÄù) and the ever-improving James Franco (your fantasies), this one should manage to makes its own way.


Read this: âÄúPetting ZooâÄù by Jim Carroll

ItâÄôs been more than a year now since we lost the Punk Rock Poet who gave us so many tough-guy confessional poems and intimate heroin/basketball stories. This posthumous release, written in what Patti Smith called âÄúthe monastic seclusion of his room,âÄù is his last goodbye.


Click this:

Probably the biggest viral video on the interweb right now is a Texas middle school football team that was fortunate enough to pull off the stupidest trick play in gridiron history. If pigskin ainâÄôt your bag, there is entertainment to be reaped from a Randy Marsh-like dad screaming, âÄúGo! Go! Go!âÄù as the kidâÄôs metronome.