Gun control laws help keep us safe

Daily Editorial Board

President Barack Obama’s Jan. 7 town hall meeting regarding gun control highlighted a key issue during this president’s term. Obama dismissed many claims that his policies aim to undermine the Second Amendment. He also made a powerful case for more gun control.
The president repeated this message during the State of the Union address last week.
These statements came after Obama’s executive order regarding gun control. This executive order requires gun sellers to conduct background checks on their customers, and it increases the number of agents and investigators working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Furthermore, Obama vowed to increase funding for mental health accessibility, adding better reporting into the background check system. The executive action also encourages the development of smart gun technologies.
Some people have criticized Obama’s unilateral action. For example, Republican presidential candidates lambasted the president for apparently seeking to diminish the Second Amendment’s guarantees.
In contrast, Democrats — including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — lauded the president’s action on gun control. Candidate Hillary Clinton argued that she would go even further than Obama. 
A state-by-state study by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence confirms these types of gun control policies do work. Because of this, and because we believe all constitutional rights have limits and boundaries, we support the president’s executive action. In particular, we hope stronger enforcement of background checks help block legal access to firearms by the mentally ill and criminals.