Give GOP’s Steele a chance

The editorial board implies that the GOP is no longer relevant to the lives of Americans when there is no real evidence that they are not. I personally think that Chairman Michael Steele could be very qualified for this position, and while his skin color surely played a role, this move does not necessarily appeal to the GOPâÄôs base. I lived in rural Alabama for part of my schooling and very few people in that community have any respect for a person of color. The GOP just finished eight years in the White House. At the end of the Clinton era, many people were dissatisfied with the way the country had also been run. The natural swing of politics and economy should be considered and I do not feel the board should suggest that the GOP needs to change their stance to appeal to new voters. Secondly, a lot of America needs to get their facts straight. People criticize Sarah Palin because they do not believe that she was qualified. While she did say some âÄúditzyâÄù things, President Barack Obama also claimed that he had been campaigning hard in all 57 states. I never heard a public uproar of laughter at his blunder; but maybe this is just because there was not an SNL actor who was a spitting image of him during the presidential race. While I am sure that Gov. PalinâÄôs gender did play a role in Sen. John McCain choosing her as a running mate, you must also look at the facts. At the time of her appointment she had the highest approval rating of any governor in the United States. Alaska is a diverse state, so she had been appealing to many different groups, ranging from oil drillers to natural conservationists. More than anything that I believe McCain was looking for her was the George W. Bush effect. Former President Bush was once the man that Americans most wanted to have a beer with, and personally, I just wanted to invite Gov. Palin to my church potluck. While you may not have any respect for our former president or AlaskaâÄôs governor, there are still many Americans who do respect them. The campaign is over, give Palin a break. Take a month, or at least a week, to see what Chairman Steele can do before you chastise the GOP for selecting a black man. Trisha Thompson University student