Man injured in Cedar-Riverside shooting

A man was shot in or near the parking lot behind Cedar Tobacco Inc. early Tuesday afternoon.

Kyle Sando

A man was shot in or near the parking lot behind Cedar Tobacco Inc. early Tuesday afternoon. Sgt. Bill Palmer, spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, said the victim was uncooperative with the officers that responded and would not give his name. He said the victim was shot in the hip area. An officer at the scene said the victim was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center. The victim had âÄúnon-life threatening injuries,âÄù according to Kristine Arneson, an MPD inspector who commands the First Precinct. Wade Plafcan, University of Minnesota ecology, evolution and behavior senior, said he heard a gunshot around 12:45 p.m. right outside his open window, which faces the lot. He said the gunshot was so loud he thought it came from directly below his window. Plafcan looked out into the lot and saw a white Cadillac driving at high speed down the alley. The victim stumbled into Cedar Tobacco Inc., according to the owner, where he fell on the floor. According to the owner of the store, the man asked for help and told her he had been shot. The owner dialed 911, but the man got up and ran out, leaving his jacket behind, she said. Cameras owned by Cedar Tobacco Inc. caught the man running down the side of the building toward Cedar Avenue Southeast and toward the front entrance of the shop shortly before he entered the store, according to the owner. Soon after, the same man entered West Bank Grocery and fell in the entryway, according to an employee at the store. He said the victim asked him for help, so he called 911. He said the victim was shot, but he didnâÄôt seem to be bleeding badly. Palmer said investigators donâÄôt yet know if the shooting occurred in the parking lot or in a vehicle. He said the victim simply wouldnâÄôt cooperate. Both the owner of Cedar Tobacco Inc. and the employee of West Bank Grocery said the victim was a regular face around the area, although neither said they knew him personally. Both witnesses requested to not be named in this report. Robbery in the Carlson School A University of Minnesota employee at the Carlson School of Management was threatened by two suspects in her office and robbed Tuesday afternoon. University of Minnesota police Chief Greg Hestness said University police responded to calls of suspicious persons in the building, but were not informed of the robbery until after the suspects were gone. âÄúUnfortunately we didnâÄôt get the notice until about an hour after the fact,âÄù Hestness said. âÄúNoticing suspicious behavior and calling us is exactly what we appreciate.âÄù Hestness said sometimes victims are reluctant to call the police because they can be stunned or confused, but itâÄôs best for them to call promptly so the police can help. Hestness said the early afternoon is a prime time for criminals to case a building for potential theft. âÄúWhat is not uncommon is for people to come into the buildings during the busier part of the day, when you can get in and when offices are open, and look for crimes of opportunity,âÄù Hestness said. Hestness said he was most concerned that the employee was threatened, and although cash was stolen, the threats are the greater issue. The department is still looking for the suspects and issued an alert. âÄúWe have some video of them, but itâÄôs not particularly helpful for identification,âÄù Hestness said. Hestness made it clear he did not think this crime was related to the shooting in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.