Response to “On-campus anti-abortion exhibit”

Denny Olsen

This is to clarify some inaccuracies in the guest column âÄúOn-campus anti-abortion exhibitâÄù that appeared in the Sept. 17 edition of The Minnesota Daily. The column incorrectly stated that an outside organization paid for time and space and that the University profited from the exhibit. The display was sponsored by Students for Human Life, which is a registered student organization at the University. The Students for Human Life group followed all applicable University policies related to reserving the space for their display and had student members at the display at all times. There also is no charge for student groups reserving this space, so there was no profit by the University. The University permitted this display and encourages freedom of expression and a broad spectrum of ideas. Further, we do not make decisions based on content. Those who disagreed with the display should feel free to share their thoughts with members of Students for Human Life, as many did on Monday and Tuesday during the exhibit. In addition, any registered student group is allowed to register for outdoor space on campus âÄî such as the space in front of Coffman Union âÄî to present a different viewpoint provided they comply with relevant policies. Denny Olsen Senior associate director of Student Unions and Activities