Two assaults occur near campus over break

A UMD student was stabbed in an alley behind a Dinkytown shop.

Branden Largent

Two assaults occurred in Dinkytown last week, with one resulting in a stabbing.

A University of Minnesota-Duluth student was stabbed during an alleyway altercation early Friday morning.

A group of four friends were walking in the alley behind Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown when the incident occurred, said the victim’s friend, a student at the Art Institute.

A third member of the group, a student at the Institution of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, said he and the AI student were urinating on the wall when three men walked up to them and started being “smart alecs” when their friend remarked back.

The AI student said one of the three men pulled out a knife and stabbed one of his friends in the back below his right shoulder.

“I don’t know why they stabbed him. We were just crossing paths when it happened,” he said.

The IPR student said his friend received six stitches after being sent to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Police arrested one of the three suspects in the incident for assault with a dangerous weapon, Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said.

McCarty said police are searching for the other two suspects.

Hours before, a Minneapolis man was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct on the same block.

The man entered the Hideaway Head Shop in Dinkytown on Thursday afternoon and walked up to the woman at the counter and asked what some of the “hot” items were, said Jordan Braun, who has been a customer for years and was in the shop at the time.

Braun said the man walked up to him and asked him what he would get if he was a “pot smoker.”

The police report said the manager of the business told the man he had to leave because Hideaway doesn’t tolerate any drug references.

Braun said the man started shouting and swearing at the female employees in the store.

Once the store’s security guard walked up to the man, he tried swinging punches at Braun and the security guard, knocking over a glass case and shattering a few of the items inside, Braun said.

The security guard and Braun carried the man out and dropped him on the ground, scraping his elbow.

Braun said while the man was outside, he was scraping his elbow on the ground and “slammed himself” on the sidewalk, screaming that he had been beat up.

Braun said the man was “obviously drunk” during the incident. The police report said the officer could smell alcohol on the man’s breath.

Another customer who witnessed the event, Jonathon Pritchard, said the security guard “aggressively attacked” the man.

“After seeing what happened, I will never go into that store again,” Pritchard said.

Pritchard said although the man was out of line, the employees should not have acted the way they did. But Braun disagreed.

“I’d say they reacted the right amount. [The man] was definitely pretty nuts,” Braun said.

Minneapolis police and paramedics arrived at the scene afterward, according to the police report.

The report said after paramedics confirmed the man’s injury was only a scrape, police brought him to the Hennepin County jail and booked him for assault and disorderly conduct.