Facilitating student voting

The hits just keep coming. For students who are just trying to cast their vote in this yearâÄôs election, many doing so for the very first time in their lives, no one is making it easy. For the first-year students who registered to vote en masse during Welcome Week this summer, donâÄôt assume anything. The Minnesota Daily reported Friday that some of those studentsâÄô registrations might not have been received by the Secretary of StateâÄôs office by the Oct. 13 deadline to pre-register to vote. If you fall into this group of potential nonregistered voters, call an Election Center to confirm. Although the official company line is that the University wants students to get out and vote âÄî University spokesman Dan Wolter told the Daily, âÄúYou will be hard pressed to find a faculty who doesnâÄôt think itâÄôs extremely important for their student to vote,âÄùâÄî they donâÄôt seem to be facilitating this process very well. The Daily previously reported that students would not be excused from class in order to vote. As a teaching institution, the University should have been more proactive in getting students registered early, and should put better measures in place on Nov. 4 to assist students in the voting process. In other words, make it easier âÄî not harder âÄî for students to vote this year. Shuttles to and from polling places from University housing? A great idea. Maps to polling places placed around campus in popular places like Coffman or the West Bank Skyway? Even better. Millions of dollars have been spent nationwide on voting campaigns targeted at students and young, first-time voters. We urge the University administration to join the club and encourage student voting next Tuesday.