U renames and modifies public safety updates

by Brian Edwards

The University of Minnesota is changing the way it informs students about crime near campus.
The school is now sending “Neighborhood Safety Notices” as the result of ongoing cooperation between the University and the Minneapolis Police Department. 
The safety notices will be sent when a crime occurs in the neighborhoods surrounding the school or when MPD asks for the University’s help in spreading information about a crime. 
“While theft of laptops and other personal items continues to be an issue, the incident rate for serious crime is among the lowest in the City of Minneapolis,” Vice President for University Services Pamela Wheelock said in an email to University students.
Many students live off-campus, and the University is continually working with the MPD regarding crimes in student-populated neighborhoods, she said in the email.
The University will continue to release “Timely Warnings” when a violent crime is committed on or near the campus.