Stand up to FOCA

Was it not just a few short months ago that President Barack Obama campaigned across the United States, promising to bring our nation back together? That is why it is so hypocritical that he has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which is the most radical piece of abortion legislation in U.S. history. FOCA would eliminate all restrictions on abortions and ignore the voices of millions of pro-life Americans. Instead of Obama working to fix our failing economy, his signing of FOCA would increase government funding and force millions of pro-life Americans to finance the abortion industry. Instead of working to end the war in Iraq, which has lead to the death of 4,157 Americans, Obama would accelerate the war against the unborn. FOCA falsely offers the freedom of choice because it would remove a physicianâÄôs right to choose not to do an abortion based on conscience or religion. Roe v. Wade stated that no physician would be required to violate âÄúpersonally held moral principles,âÄù which FOCA would overturn. State regulations are necessary to prevent 12- or 13-year-old girls from getting abortions without parental involvement. State regulations also protect the women having an abortion by insuring that the abortion clinic and physician meet quality standards. FOCA goes against many reasonable and widely supported laws that protect womenâÄôs health, ensure informed consent, protect minors and ensure parental involvement, safeguard the rights of conscience and respect the desire of most Americans not to pay for abortions with their tax dollars. We have made drastic steps in America to overcome racial discrimination by electing Obama. Now letâÄôs overcome discrimination of size, age and ability, and stand up against the Freedom of Choice Act. Meredith Fisher University student