Buses to return to Washington Avenue

Nicolas Hallett

Metro Transit buses are set to return to Washington Avenue on Dec. 7.

Buses will once again make stops in front of Coffman Union among other stops after a 2.5 year hiatus due to the agency’s construction of the Central Corridor light rail.

Previously detoured to Pleasant and Oak streets southeast, bus routes will return to pre-May 2011 levels, according to a Metro Transit press release.

In a permanent change for Washington Avenue, only buses, light rail trains, emergency vehicles and bicycles are allowed to use the street between Walnut and Church streets southeast.

University students purchased more than 44,000 U-Pass cards and took 5.1 million rides in 2012, according to the release.

The start of the Central Corridor train, renamed the Metro Green Line, is scheduled to begin in mid-2014.