‘Draft and deli’ opened this month

Uncle Moe’s says to put a twist on traditional U.S. sandwiches.

Stephanie Laumer

The managers of Uncle Moe’s Deli and Drafts may not be local but the food is.

The restaurant opened its doors by the corner of University Avenue and 15th Street Southeast this month.

The deli tries to set itself apart from the other businesses on campus by using only locally grown food. The menu is made up of “twists on American classics” that are cooked over a wood-fire oven.

So far, the business has been slow, said general manager Jill Fishman, who recently moved from Florida. But she said she’s not too worried since it’s “only been a week.”

Meanwhile the staff is working to get the word out by passing out coupons at University of Minnesota basketball games and out on the street at various places around campus.

In March, the restaurant will open its bar section.

Although Fishman only recently moved to Minnesota, she boasts about the locally grown ingredients and the historical Minnesotan “Mayslack’s” sandwich.

The sandwich is named after former pro-wrestler, Stan Mayslack, who started making giant garlic roast beef sandwiches in 1955 out of a small sandwich shop in Northeast Minneapolis.

When Mayslack died in 1994, Uncle Moe’s owner Jeff Moritko bought the store and the rights to make the sandwich. Although Moritko doesn’t own Mayslack’s bar anymore, he has kept the rights to the “Mayslack’s” sandwich and continues to sell them at Uncle Moe’s.

Other than the “Mayslack’s,” all of the menu items are the original creation of Jason Bush, the head chef and a Floridian, like Fishman.

Bush said he creates food by simply cooking something he likes and thinks others might enjoy as well.

Kristin Fitzsimmons, a graduate student at the University, heard about Uncle Moe’s from a vegan friend, who said it had good vegan burgers that were not frozen or premade.

Fitzsimmons is not a vegan, but she tried the vegan “Uptowner” and was surprised at the quality.

Other than the quality of food, Fitzsimmons appreciates the proximity of Uncle Moe’s. Since the deli is close to campus, she can have a quick bite to eat and do homework easily, she said.

Fishman said, “We want to be a food hot spot.”