U security monitor accused of stealing at least 218 textbooks

Andrew Krammer

A University of Minnesota police employee has been accused of stealing hundreds of library books and selling them for thousands of dollars on the internet, KSTP reported.

Kyle Bongers, 27, is accused of stealing at least 218 textbooks – most taken from the shelves of the biomedical library where he worked security, according to police.

The online retailer TextbooksRUs.com called the Diehl Hall Biomedical Library manager and said they had become suspicious that someone with a long history of selling books to them had possibly stolen the books from the University.

After nearly seven years, Bongers quit his job as a University police security monitor in late January. University police arrested him two weeks ago, but no charges have been filed.  

The retailer told the University that they had been purchasing the books from Bongers for more than a year and had paid him approximately $30,000. But, five new books Bongers recently tried to sell them appeared to have been tampered with – either with black marker or white correction fluid to hide the University's logo.

In February, University police obtained Bonger's PayPal statements and found he had received approximately $70,000 since April 2010 and had been selling books to multiple internet retailers, KSTP reported.

Police are seeking a search warrant for Bonger's last known address as well as his TCF bank records, searching for more stolen textbooks.