Going greek

Dylan Kelly

Going greek is the single-best decision I have made in college. I have improved my grades since having gone greek my sophomore year. I have participated in philanthropy events which have raised over $50,000 for St. JudeâÄôs ChildrenâÄôs Research Hospital since having gone greek. I have become more involved in other campus organizations including the Minnesota Student Association since having gone greek. And yes, I do enjoy my weekends drinking with my friends in a safer environment than anything youâÄôll find at the wild keg parties in Dinkytown. Now, letâÄôs be honest about some of The Minnesota DailyâÄôs reporting. Columns are often written based on stereotypes without real investigative reporting. A little investigation would have shown that the study Bissell cited probably includes southern greek systems which are completely different. Many new members are interested in greek networking opportunities, and many greek seniors are engaged in the most important leadership positions on campus. Dylan Kelly University undergraduate student