Give Abeer and Sam the credit they deserve

Campus elections are finally over, so one would think the bickering between candidates would be done. However, one of the Minnesota Student Association’s presidential candidates refuses to accept the results. 
After the final results were reported, it was shown that Abeer Syedeh and Samantha Marlow got a staggering 61.72 percent of votes, whereas Cameron Holl and Nidhi Khurana received 31.67 percent. 
It is unfortunate that Abeer and Sam door-knocked two dorms during the elections, which is against Housing and Residential Life rules. However, it is notable to say Cam and Nidhi also broke All-Campus Election Committee rules by vandalizing campus property with their stickers. 
When Abeer and Sam were notified of their rules violation, they immediately ceased door-knocking. But they were still threatened with a 22 percent decrease in their overall votes. 
Cam and Nidhi chose to leave the stickers up until after the election, which gave them votes from low-information voters due to name recognition. However, they were not threatened with any decrease in votes.
I don’t understand why Cam and Nidhi won’t just let this election go. They insulted almost everyone in MSA (calling them unprofessional and part of an elitist system), and then they tried to get voted in to work with those very same people. 
The students have spoken, and we have a very assured voice — a voice that says we want Abeer, not Cam, to lead our school. No, we were not mistaken. No, 22 percent of the student body wasn’t swayed by door-knocking. No, we’re not part of an elitist system. Students chose Abeer and Sam.
Cam insinuated that bringing him in as the student body president would put an end to the “elitism” of student government, but in my opinion, there are enough white, greek-involved males in politics already. I’m ready to listen to the voices of students who don’t normally get to be heard.
Katie Hannestad
University student