The race for City Council

Voters should consider a variety of citywide issues before heading to the polls in November.

Daily Editorial Board

With more than 10 months until next year’s Minneapolis City Council election, things are already heating up between Ward 3 Councilwoman Diane Hofstede, who represents the area including the University of Minnesota, and her challenger, attorney Jacob Frey.

Last week, four of Hofstede’s colleagues on the City Council announced that they would support Frey for her seat. The eight-year council veteran countered with her own list of endorsements including three other council members.

At first, Frey’s endorsements seemed like a renunciation of Hofstede.

It appears, though, that these endorsements all relate to one issue: support for a new Vikings stadium. Supporters of a new stadium all fall on Hofstede’s side, while opponents have lined up behind Frey.

While the Vikings stadium debate was the most contentious issue at the council over the past year, this race is about more than this single issue. On their websites, both candidates say they want to improve the livability of the ward, create living-wage jobs and focus on sustainable development. Frey proposes making downtown a more “viable option for families,” and Hofstede plans to champion the ward’s artistic community.

Unfortunately, it appears that current council members have made up their minds based on the single issue of a new Vikings stadium. Hopefully voters will not be so narrow-minded. As we inch closer to November, Ward 3 residents should closely consider a variety of factors when deciding who would best represent them and the University.